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Thriving at the intersection of

America and Poland

As a first-generation American, I am entirely grateful to be able to call two countries "home sweet home". My love for Poland goes well past the pierogi and kielbasa. My Polish heritage has shaped my values, ideals, and perspectives. My American upbringing has provided me with the opportunities, friends, and mentors for those ambitions to blossom and grow. I'm happily living in Warsaw and hope to serve as (self-appointed) Polish-American goodwill ambassador for life.

Data and Art

My journey with programming began in a rather unorthodox manner - when one particularly expressive Javascript library (D3.js) caught my eye. Uncovering the beauty of data visualisation is the reason that I became a frontend developer and I love sharing my passion for the art and its potential with others. Creating a visually attractive and valid representation of data has the potential to inform an audience, change behavior, combat perceptions, and ultimately, improve the world’s systems it has saught to ellucidate.

Business and Technology

I'm a proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology, through which I obtained a degree in Systems Engineering and a second in Economics (The Wharton School of Business). As an engineer, I enjoy order and the hum of an efficient and effective system. As an economist, I enjoy ensuring that the hum harmonizes with its human stakeholders. In my work, as in life, I enjoy combatting complexity with creativity and aspire to simple, sensible solutions.

Faith and Reason

My friends at the Faith & Reason Institute say it best: "Faith and reason are two ways of knowing that have played a central role in the development of civilization. They work best when they mutually challenge one another to look farther, to probe more deeply, in quest of truth." My faith in God reinforces my understanding of the world and the way it works. My growing understanding of the world and how it works reinforce my faith in God. It's a beautiful cycle illuminating the Good, the True, the Beautiful. I enjoy taking part in initiatives that seek to understand the complementarity of faith and reason, such as Tertio Millenio or The Free Society Seminar.

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